Welcome to Galerie des Artistes

Step into the enchanting realm of Galerie des Artistes, a contemporary and local art gallery with a resolute dedication to amplifying the works of national and international artists seeking exposure within the art market. Serving as a vital bridge between discerning art collectors and innovative artists, our gallery cultivates a passionate community of art enthusiasts who ardently embrace the world of fine art.

For those who possess an affinity for art and find themselves in the enchanting locale of Puerto Vallarta, we extend a heartfelt invitation to explore our gallery and bear witness to the captivating tapestry of diversity and talent on vivid display. Our collection of contemporary art serves as a profound testament to the boundless skills and imaginative prowess of artists hailing from all corners of the globe. It is our privilege to present an exquisite medley of styles and mediums, ensuring a harmonious experience that resonates with every visitor.

At Galerie des Artistes, admission is graciously offered without charge. With open arms, we invite you to join us for an indelible journey, as we persistently foster connections between visionary artists and impassioned collectors, fostering a thriving tapestry of art aficionados.

About Us

Embark upon a voyage into the captivating world of Galerie des Artistes, an eminent and visionary visual arts gallery that has steadfastly redefined the horizons of the art world in Puerto Vallarta since 1995.

Distinguished by our unwavering commitment to spotlighting the historical and contemporary artistry of Mexico and local talents, our gallery has rightfully ascended to become a revered sanctuary for both seasoned art connoisseurs and burgeoning enthusiasts. Each of our groundbreaking exhibitions is meticulously curated, designed to illuminate the transformative and innovative potential inherent within the realm of art.

In tandem with our exceptional exhibitions, we present expansive cultural programs that beckon you to delve into the tapestry of Puerto Vallarta’s rich heritage. These programs delve deep into the profound impact of imagery within the broader context of visual culture, design, and architecture, engendering an experience that is intellectually stimulating and profoundly inspiring for all who participate.

At Galerie des Artistes, we hold a profound understanding of the pivotal role of art within society and steadfastly strive to amplify this significance through the myriad offerings of our gallery. It is with genuine sincerity that we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of art, beckoning you to stand alongside us as we celebrate the beauty, innovation, and cultural opulence that art brings to our lives.